Services that pay for themselves

Besides our innovative payment solutions, we also pay considerable attention and care to providing perfect support. We offer two types of support services. Together they form the ideal combination for continuity and trouble-free use of our Pay4You payment systems.

Repair Support

The support offered by this department is aimed at our resellers and key accounts. We have our own fully functional and well equipped technical service organisation. This allows us to offer a comprehensive repair service and customised 3rd-line support, whereby allowing our resellers and distributors to offer perfect service to their customers.

Important information

  • 1st Line service is provided by the reseller or distributor
  • 2nd and 3rd Line service is provided by Chess pT
  • Our service levels and processes are harmonised and integrated with those of our resellers and distributors

Development & Maintenance Support

The strength of this support group lies in its integrated approach and its sizeable experience and expertise. The group is a nerve centre for the design, development and maintenance of casings, electronics and software. Specific collaboration between over 100 R&D specialists in the field of safe payment and transaction processes, aimed at realising the best possible solutions.

Important information

  • Considerable experience with European certification processes for terminals based on EMV, PCI and CTAP
  • Close cooperation with certification institutions like EMVco, T-Systems, Brightsight, Collis and Brand and Scheme owners: MasterCard, Visa, Currence and Acquiris
  • Member of the Netherlands Association for Payment Systems


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