Pay4You iSelf series


Contact and Contactless Payments

The iUP250 + iUR250 enables EMV Chip and PIN, MagStripe transactions on kiosks while respecting security standards and improving customer interactivity. Transactions are simpler, faster and more secure.  The iUC150 offers contactless payment, enabling e-wallet and new payment use cases. It also complies with standards such as MasterCard PayPass™, Visa PayWave™ and EMV contactless cards.

Thanks to its robust design the iSelf Series stands up to the most demanding outdoor environments and a wide variety of adverse environmental conditions. Keypad, card-reader and contactless device components are proofed against vandalism (IK10) and extreme weather.










Integration, Communication and Connectivity

The iSelf Series are embedded in their enclosure and integrated according to the EVA *market standard. Maintenance requires no additional equipment and updating is done simply with the iUP250 display and keypad. It is so flexible that interfacing with the entire kiosk system has never been so easy.

The iSelf Series provides a wide range of integrated connectivity features to communicate with kiosks and acquirer hosts. It includes USB (slave, master), RS232, MDB (slave, optional master), Ethernet and optional GPRS, covering most kiosk system requirements.

* European Vending Association



User and Eco-friendly

The iSelf Series provides a simple and easy-to-use customer interface with brightly colored backlit displays, LEDs, making their use a pleasureful experience. Transflective technology enables the iSelf Series to work in any lighting condition. 

The stand-by mode guarantees optimal energy efficiency and the devices are produced in ISO 14001 certified manufacturing facilities.


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Download the Pay4You iSelf Series information sheet here (PDF)

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