Pay4You Unattended Terminals


Easy and flexible unattended contactless payment solutions for self-service businesses.

The contactless device enables all contactless payments and new use cases such as e-wallet, ticketing. The iUC180B is MasterCard PayPass™ and Visa PayWave™ certified and supports all EMV contactless cards in accordance with international regulations.

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iSelf Series

Easy and flexible unattented payment solutions for self-service businesses.

The iUP250 + iUR250 enables EMV Chip and PIN, MagStripe transactions on kiosks while respecting security standards and improving customer interactivity. Transactions are simpler, faster and more secure.

The iUC150 offers contactless payment, enabling e-wallet and new payment use cases. It also complies with standards such as MasterCard PayPass™, Visa PayWave™ and EMV contactless cards.

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